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A World Class Culinary Arts Program

Aleanza Culinary Institute is the raining ground for hard nosed chefs intended to fuel the growing global hospitality program.

Next Generation Chefs for a Growing, Global Industry.

Recipe for


Competency is the number one currency in this industry. We are the only school to have multiple restaurants, resorts and brads at play in the market for the benefit of our students.

Mastery Level


Mentors that are currently practicing professionals provide the most current and relevant leadership.

At Aleanza that is what you get.

World Class

Training & Education

The program is a collaborative effort lead by Rocket Hospitality with Integra Business School & The Aleanza Culinary Institute.

Professional Real World Program

Aleanza we do not pretend. We do REAl every single day.

Be Part of a Growing Power Network

Build relationships with current and future culinary professionals.

Aleanza's World Class
Culinary Program

Aleanza's World Class Culinary Program produces graduates with a high level capacity to perform in commercial environments and thus be an asset to the firm and organization.

Your Head Chef

Hello, My name is Rob Pengson

Since 2003 my work has produced award winning schools and restaurants and over 16,000 alumni and rising. Now that a new age is upon us, it is with great pleasure that I offer you which I truly believe is the best evidence and results based culinary & entrepreneurship acceleration program on the planet.

Please don't take my word for it, come over and meet our amazing alumni, team and faculty in a face-to-face meeting and let us show you what this life-changing program is all about.

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