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Invest in The Aleanza Preferred Stock Offer

Benefit from more security and lowered risks with an equitable and redeemable preferred stock offer. The food, hospitality and events industries are set to double by 2029 and the target for you is a 3.5x exit at the passed the 5th year.

2X Our Kitchen Facilities

25 Students / Session

Up to 600 Students / Year

Up to PHP 50M revenue

2X Our Classroom & Event Capacity

Doubling our capacity would allow us to take in 100 guests for a single event translating to almost PHP 400k in revenue per event.

5X Our Marketing Budget

We currently have a 54:1 return on ad spend (ROAS) and for years had a budget of only PHP20k / mo. Imagine what we can do with a bigger budget!

Upgrade Our


Our school has had only 2 team members for the last 3 years. With a better team we can now dominate the market.

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Join Our Vision. Invest in Culinary Arts,  Hospitality Business & Event Education

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