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Don't be a Trend, be a Tenet.

Innovation discards what is obsolete in order to address zeitgeist yet classics are timeless, vetted, and time - tested.

Vanguard and old guard exist like "yin and yang", forces that are opposed yet feed off of each other. Don't be a trend. Real influence is transformational and last longer than any feature or award. Be a tenet. Stand for something greater than yourself and find resolve in principle, purpose in empowerment, and real influence in what lasts beyond your natural life.

Being around tenets energizes me beyond measure. What is done here today influences these lives and the lives these chefs empower.

Tenets do not prostitute their value for fleeting things, trends do that. It is our past that gives value to our future. It is innovation that bends the rules trends cannot survive.

Be a tenet in your area of gifting my friends!

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