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Meek does not mean weak. Ask Jesus!

IF YOU HAVE EARS TO HEAR, HEAR! Religion never taught me that Jesus himself approves of humanity's desire to be "great" at something.

religion taught me that "humble" meant "meek" meant some form of quiet and submissive. Yet Jesus himself used the the concept of "praus" to describe what religion now calls meek. Praus means "strength under control" ....."a sword in it's sheath". MINDBLOWN!

Jesus words to the sons of thunder wanting to be greater than the rest of the apostles(James & John who wanted to be great) : "if you want to be first (great), you must be a slave to many. Tiger woods, Steve jobs, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi were/are all "slaves" to their area of gifting. they used this law so they became great.

so this is why the people who sacrifice their lives for the sake of others or their areas of gifting are truly great. they do not "half-ass".. the go "all-in" on their purpose.

my hope for you is that you advance your life and discover your purpose. you will not be great without being a slave to something. you will not be great, unless that something serves others and not you.

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