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Changing upwards of 16,000 lives through education, entrepreneurship, culinary arts & hospitality since 2003.


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Now Open!

Andiamo Italiano! RoMA by Chef Rob Pengson and the Alumni of the Master Chef Program  & Aleanza Institute serves fresh and innovative global Italian cuisine with just the right touch of sophistication, tradition and innovation.

Find RoMA at the Aleanza Institute in Makati City. Business hours are 5:00pm - 10:00pm (last call for food, Thursdays to Saturdays.

Real World Culinary Arts

Aleanza is a one-of-a-kind culinary school as it is the only institute in the Philippines to have a rapidly growing portfolio of restaurants and cloud based catering brands fully operated by faculty, alumni and students.


This means Aleanza students get bigger, better and faster results due the world-class experience of real world professional culinary operations.

Master Chef
Means Business

The Master Chef Programs offer the most cutting edge practical how-to coaching and courses for post-culinary-school career and business development.

When chefs or food business owners need to create real results such as growing sales and profitability, they enroll in the Master Chef Program.

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